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We focus on solutions and process with next gen technologies.

Digital Transformation for enterprise grade clients and we help them to solve their challenges with new cutting edge technology. Which is cost effective and more secure and robust.

Mobile app development company in bangalore

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Codesquarry provides services that help you set a roadmap for your business. We believe in our client’s success and are committed to the same. Our seamless design and development methodology is what that makes us stand out of the crowd.

Mobile app development company in bangalore


We build modern, responsive web Apps backed by extensive UX research


IOS, Android and Google Play app development, from design, UX, deployment and launch.

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We build powerful solutions using latest & trending technologies to envision new digital opportunities
Technology Solutions

Codesquarry delivers innovative software solutions that bring our customers a competitive advantage at the market across multiple domains. Depending on the initial task, our clients conquer the new market, increase their business presence, or optimize their internal processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Take advantage of Codesquarry's rich industry expertise to integrate Artificial Intelligence into your most important business processes.

Internet Of

Codesquarry is an Internet of Things (IoT) development company that designs secure software driven by data generated by smart devices


We help businesses parse ever-increasing data volumes and thoroughly analyze the obtained information to unlock real business
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For your very specific industry, we have highly-tailored IT solutions.
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#01 E Commerce

We offer custom E commerce development solutions to help our client to achieve a unique presence in the retail space. Quality strategy planning and its implementation are of prime importance to us while building an E commerce solutions

Our client base spans from startups, mid sized businesses to large enterprises and we offer complete solutions for the unique requirements. We are creative client-centric and offer high end services which are efficient and streamlined as well.

#02 Education

At Codesquarry, we develop technologically-advanced educational app products that serve clients’ educational needs and work beyond expectations.

Our team build engaging apps that cater to students, teacher, learner and those desiring to grasp something innovative in different sector of educational vertical.

#03 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

What we create at Codesquarry aims to energize healthcare access to the patients and helps the specialists – doctors, pharmacists and administration keep track of experimental medicinal procedures, monitor patient status and boost fitness alongside as well.

A lot of medical solutions have been designed over years and we promise to keep up the research going, on how to improvise the complicated healthcare sector in every way possible.

#04 Automotive

We work with automotive industry to plan and execute their digital transformation by focusing on business output. We are your one-stop-shop for business and technology advisory, applications and infrastructure services, as well as advanced analytics, intelligent automation and cloud transformation.

The automotive software development ecosystem is in a state of continuous innovation. Right from electric vehicles and automated driving to connected cars and functional safety compliance, the industry is moving ahead on multiple fronts

#05 Manufacturing Sector

We design and develop custom software for manufacturing companies to help them leverage responsive manufacturing, industrial automation, efficient production planning and remote asset management.

Our team can deliver the software you need on web, mobile or desktop and integrate it with the accounting application of your choice. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need a consultation!

#06 On Demand

The on-demand App Industry is on a continuous roll and is ascending to new heights with each passing day. Therefore, it is high time to provide a new dimension to your business by partnering a highly dexterous on-demand app development company that can help you reach a maximum number of targeted audiences and land you into the zone of profitability.

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