Andriod App Development

Android covers the majority of the smartphone market globally. This shows the importance of the android app development platform for the businesses to create a connection between the brands and the customers. andriod app development

We Work With Owner’s Point Of View

As an Android app development company, Codesquarry offers services to build scalable and beautiful material design Android applications for smartphones, tablets, wearable’s and Android TV. android app development

Our Approach To Andriod Development

To ensure the android app development services are completed successfully, we use Agile methodology and provide, by doing so, transparency all the way through the end-to-end service delivery. Besides, we make broad use of a variety of modern tools for enhancing Android mobile app development. They support the general development methodology, contribute to the clarity of the mode of operating and comprehensiveness of the approach.

We always ensure there is a shared vision of the project, discuss in detail what is expected to be completed within the given project delivery time and what skills are needed to accomplish the assigned tasks.

Furthermore, we believe that there are a number of reasons why launching an Android app is an excellent move, while the most compelling ones are:

  • The Android market is larger in terms of users
  • Google play gives more flexibility than Apple’s App Store
  • User acquisition is cheaper and easier on Android
  • Android applications have the lead in emerging markets

As a result, our custom Android app development services, whose delivery is thus well-motivated, reflect the client’s objectives and goals. andriod app development

Android App Development Lifecycle

We have a straightforward mobile app development process, from interactive prototypes to testing and delivery.

We Visualize your idea and make prototypes using design-led-engineering.

We deploy the right platform and agile technologies to ensure that everything from design gets placed into the application.

Quality Test
We perform a thorough internal testing of the apps to identify errors or performance issues and ensure they run without hindrances.

Maintenance & Support
We provide ongoing support and maintenance after an app published including performance monitoring, minor updates and functionality upgrades. android app development

Why Choose Us

We are skilled in making precise project estimations. This allows us to rule out any possible delays in delivering client projects. Time management is our forte.

Regardless of whether you need full-time offshore employees or favor the Time& Materials delivery model all your expenses will be known to you at once. There are no hidden costs with us.

We will thoroughly plan all the stages of your project in close cooperation with you.

It is important that you know from the outset how your project will be implemented. will create a detailed roadmap for your project.

Tools & Technologies Used in Android App Development

Creating an Android app needs multiple design and development technologies. Explore the best ones we work on to
deliver amazing apps for Google mobile platforms.


Need Help?
Read Popular Questions

Do you develop apps for all Android devices and versions?

Yes, we develop Android applications that are compatible with the latest as well as old Android devices and OS versions.

What tools and technologies do you use in Android app development?

In Android app development, we use (among others):

  • Programming Language: Java, Kotlin, C
  • Tools: Android Studio, Firebase
  • Database: Mysql, Mongobd

What is the standard cost of building an Android application?

There is no fixed cost. The cost of Android app development depends on many factors including functionality, features, use of visuals, development hours, team strength, etc

Do you also develop app back-end?

Yes, we develop a robust and scalable application back-end along with custom API, allowing you to easily manage the app process and control data access.

Is it possible, at some point, to hand the code over to another team?

Yes. The code we create is very readable, well documented, and structured which makes it easy to transfer your Android project to another team if needed.

Do you provide Quality Assurance?

Yes, of course. We deliver crash-free Android apps with robust code thanks to our 6-steps Quality Assurance process. Our QA services focus on:

1. Code Review – every piece of code written by one developer is approved by at least 2 other developers.

2. Continuous Integration Tests – automatic tests that check whether new changes didn’t break any already implemented functionalities. It consists of:

• Unit Tests – automated tests that validate if each unit of the software performs as designed.

• UI Integration Tests – automated tests that check if the app components are correctly integrated.

• Virtual Device Testing – we use it to find crashes in Android apps. It simulates a real app user.

3. Manual Testing – manual testing of the app based on specified use cases. Made by our QA Specialists.

Will you sign an NDA with me?

Yes, we will always sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) when a client wants it. We can do it at the very beginning, before we even discuss your Android project in any detail, or at another stage of the process. It’s completely up to you.

Do I have ownership regarding the code of my Android application?

Yes, you are the owner of the Intellectual Property rights, including the code.

Do you provide maintenance support or just development?

Yes, we also do maintenance. Android app development is just a beginning. During the Android app maintenance, the development team implements app monitoring tools (e.g. Crashlytics, Google Analytics, Firebase) to every product we have created. Thanks to these tools, we can detect any crashes, follow the app’s statistics, and plan product enhancements.

Will I be getting regular updates from you?

Yes, of course. After every Sprint Review, you will get:

  • An app demo build (so you can check if the created app fits your requirements)
  • A detailed review of what’s been done during the Sprint
  • Information about eventual challenges solved or additional work that has been done
  • Information about how many hours the team worked on the project during the Sprint

According to your preferences, you can take part in the Review meeting directly, or just get the above-mentioned information via e-mail.

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