We Create Quick, Robust, and Scalable Backend  for Mobile and Web Apps

We design feature-rich back-end that lets you manage your application content with ease. Our team builds a powerful back-end system for your applications with an emphasis on security, accuracy, scalability, and performance. backend development

Codesquarry has a team of proficient and highly skilled developers who will help you to manage the data speed, improve performance and smoothens the exchange process via web solutions. Our developers are expert in delivering the best bug-free solutions. backend development

backend development

How We Develop Mobile App Back-end Differently?

Data Exchange

We implement API format, back-end architecture, communication protocol, etc., to make your app back-end apt for data exchange from connected systems and other sources.


As an app back-end development company, we build a highly efficient mobile app server that functions flawlessly. We ensure its ability to sustain a heavier load of data processing.

Future Scalability

We focus on the future scalability of your app while strategizing application back-end development. We create an app back-end that can cope with the increasing traffic to your app.

Offline Accessibility

We develop back-end keeping in mind of improving offline accessibility of your app. We enhance your app’s cache memory and enable it to store data that users often access.

Focus on Type

We analyze the type and basic function of your mobile or web app. It helps us build a robust and most appropriate back-end system, to improve the scalability of your app.

What We do

We analyze the data process requirement of your app and build back-end accordingly, while ensuring its ability to cope with the situation like fast scale up easily. We follow the best industry practices to make the back-end system of your app rock solid.

Our back-end engineers leverage modern tools and technologies including Python, MySQL, Node JS, Laravel etc., to develop innovative mobile back-end solutions to ensure your business success

We upgrade the back-end of your app to help it function smoothly even if overload or facing issues like hosting, syncing with multiple devices, communication, etc. We upgrade the back-end server of your app to improve its usability and scalability.

Our professionals implement the latest industry standards to improve database management, network infrastructure, security, etc., to make the app compatible with the latest version of devices.

We make your app back-end server bug free to keep it glitch-free, fast and scalable. Our professionals integrate modern crash reporting tools including Firebase, Countly, Instabug, etc., to your app to identify and fix bugs instantly.

We enhance the security level of your mobile app back-end to make your app more reliable. We take all important measures to increase the app back-end security layer, be it infrastructure security, access control, SSL, encryption for searching/indexing, etc

We keep your app back-end updated and appropriate to cater to your growing business needs and continuous increasing expectation of your target audience. We make your app future-ready for the increasing market challenges and help your business grow.

Our professionals keep your mobile app back-end up-to-date by adding new functionalities, fixing broken APIs or SDKs, removing loop on outdated data feeds, etc

Tools & Technologies Used in Backend Development

Creating a mobile and web app back-end requires multiple tools and technologies. Below is
the list of the best that we work on to develop an app back-end


Need Help?
Read Popular Questions

Can we schedule a call to discuss my app idea and understand your technical capabilities?

Yes, we are available for a call or email to discuss your app/backend idea, whatever seems convenient to you.

Which technologies do you use for app back-end development?

We use the latest technologies as per the industry standards to deliver the best outcomes. Our back-end development team possesses proficiency in using Python, MySQL, Node JS, Laravel etc.

How much time do you take for back-end development?

It depends on the type, needs, and complexity of your project’s data architecture.

What language is best for API development?

One of the most popular types of API is REST, also known as RESTful APIs. Some of the best languages to create REST APIs are PHP, Python, HTML5, TypeScript and Elixir.

Will your team communicate with me directly during the app back-end development process?

Yes, we inform our clients about every detail regarding the development to explore their valuable feed backs and suggestions.

Will you sign an NDA with me?

Yes, we are comfortable signing legal contracts when you hire us.

How do you improve an app back-end security?

We implement the latest security measures such as infrastructure security, access control, SSL, encryption for searching/indexing, etc., to make your app back-end 100% secure

When should I upgrade the existing back-end system of my mobile app?

If your mobile app is not able to process heavy data due to increasing traffic. Or you can also upgrade the back-end system to improve the future scalability of your app.

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