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Best Startup Ideas in Bangalore

Why startup in Bangalore ?

Bangalore is the top developing city in India, Bangalore has 5th position in purchasing power in India, People are too busy to manage their activity by their own hand. Bangalore is an IT(information technology) hub. There are some reasons to start your business in Bangalore. Before you start your business, given points help to find startups ideas in Bangalore.

Here is the list of best startups ideas in Bangalore

1)Home made catering

Food is the basic need of humans. Lots of people in Bangalore have not made food due to various reasons. Bangalore has a high ratio of working women compared to other cities in India. So if you are searching for a startup ideas in Bangalore then Home made catering is the best idea to start your business. Make your business online by a Application to people easily reach at your service.  

Home made catering service is Best startup ideas in Bangalore
Home made catering


It is one of the best startups ideas in Bangalore because of People are finding a perfect palace for meeting, sharing time etc. Cafe is easy to maintain and has a great future. This business needs creativity in aspects and architecture. You have to maintain your test and quality in this business. You can start a cafe with low investment.

startup cafe is best startup ideas in Bangalore

3)Co-working space

It is a new and growing business in developing cities like Bangalore. Co-working is a solution for people who don’t afford the rent of an office. You can provide services like Wife, furniture, air conditioner, Water etc and maintain it. You can start a co-working space with a low budget.It is easy to maintain and doesn’t need experience.

Co-working is  Best startup ideas in Bangalore.
Co-working center

4)Child care center 

In a developing city. It is hard to find an honest maid or babysitter. Baby Child care is time gaining activity, It is the best startup idea in Bangalore. It is trustworthy and responsible activity or business. Take a space on rent and furnish it based on needs. This business requires 4 to 5 maid to care for the child.   

baby care center is best ideas in Bangalore
Baby care center

5)Pet care center

It is a unique startups idea in Bangalore. Most people facing problems where they leave their pet during a 2 to 3 day’s trip. Pets need care to maintain their health and Look. People are ready to spend money. So here a chance to provide service and make profit in this business. Go through Digital way and make a simple application or website to fix appointments, know your service, order pet food etc.

Baby care center is best startup ideas  in Bangalore.
Pet care center

We are encourage you to start your business early as possible. Make an Application and website which make your business impressive, Easy to reach to your business, Trustworthy and lots of. We are a web and mobile application development company in Bangalore. we can help to you in your startup. You can share your ideas with us and bring into the open.

UI Design Company In Bengaluru

What is UI Design?

User Interface

UI or User Interface both are the same. User Interface is the key which unlocks your thoughts for the user. UI is the first thing to see your user. Your UI design is represents your creativity, concept, brand. UI must be user friendly which represents the visual aesthetics of your product to your user. UI is medium between you and your user then it is necessary to be highly effective. We are a Best UI design company in Bangalore and we share here some tips for UI design

Elements of UI design


When we open any application Or web language or Name is the first thing to come to mind. Product name has power to set the mood at the very entry level of your brand’s experience.


Color also represents the mood for your interface as people respond to them in a very emotive and subjective way. Since color is relative and subjective, we have to know how to control that subjectivity a little bit in order to get it to do what we want it to do for our interface. Example: is for Fresh vegetables so they are using green color in the image.

UI Design Company in Bangalore


The Image is also important in the UI. The size, shape, dimension and color of image is affect the UI. illustration, photography, 3D rendering are also use in UI.

4) Icon and buttons

Icon and buttons are useful to communicate a charity of things to users. They can easily operate the app and web. Icon and Button are affected by UI by the size, color, dimension, shape, This all factor are must be related to our motive of app and web.

Before you make your final decision to make your UI and UX this information will be used. We serve in Best UI design company in Bangalore. We are a website and mobile application development company in Bangalore.

E-commerce mobile app development cost

What is the importance of an eCommerce app in modern business ?


  • The growing eCommerce industry is gradually accelerating with time. The rapid growth of the smartphone world has made people prefer browsing shopping on mobile apps nowadays.


  • Making a mobile app in the ecommerce business helps to improve productivity. As it connects more customers across the world. The mobile app development is one of the ideal strategic actions performed in today’s enterprise business.It acts as a powerful tool that drives more customers. For new beginners, don’t know the Ecommerce app development cost. Here we share ideas about ecommerce mobile app cost.


Which features affect the E Commerce mobile app development cost ?


1)Simple Registration:

This feature is used to user login via social media profile or gmail account. It can avoid lengthy processes and save time.


2) User Interface:

In the eCommerce app, the user interface is everything that users can interact with the UI controls, features, content, and functions.


3)Push Notification:

Push Notification is a note that pops up on a device. Sellers can inform customers of the latest deals, Offers, discounts etc.


4)Social Integration:

Combining social features into non-social apps is an excellent process to correlate users, build networks and hold users reaching back to your app.


5)Customer Cart:

This feature is used for customers to buy products or buy later.


6)Advanced Search:

To search products by keyword, description, functions, size, feature etc there is advanced search is option to make app user friendly.


7)Customer Support:

An in-app customer service will enable you to manage these relevant data and other the use of its decisions for your next strategy.


8)Wish List Cart:

User can manage or make list which they can buy and seller notify about user’s suggestions.


9)Payment methods:

The customer should provide with various choices to pay. Payment and checkout with high security is built trust of the user on the seller. Payment integration will affect you eCommerce mobile app development cost


10)Review and feedback:

The users give review and feedback about products within the mobile app, as this will assist with the growth of your business.

It is a common feature which makes your app more reliable and user friendly.







Flutter is Best Platform for mobile app development

Why Flutter language?

Globally, users of mobile or tablet have an operating ratio is android-74.15% and IOS-25.85%. As per the ratio of Android and IOS, Your mobile app should be flexible for both Plate forms for mobile app development. Then its solution is Flutter programming language. Flutter is developed by Google Company as a mobile app SDK. Google gives an Easy way to build a mobile app to high performance and run in both systems,  Android, and IOS. Flutter is a cross-platform app that is smooth and u can use it as a native platform. It enables Faster code writing by fully utilizing code re usability.  Then it means its vast section then you can use in both platform with flutter app development.

Flutter is Able to change to mode code on both platforms. It seems code-bases are smaller and change on both platforms. Not only does Flutter have a rich library of UI widget to help you create the visually stunning app, But also it allows you to customize your widget, really nailing in that rich native experience you covet in a programming language used for mobile app development

Now you can understand Why Flutter is the best Programming language for your mobile app development. If you want to make an app for both users, then Flutter app development is the best platform.

Now you want to Know one of the best Flutter app development company then you can search here @Codesquarry  this is a mobile app development Company in Bangalore, Here you can also more options for making Android/IOS app And website development based on your requirement 


Delivery man in rush to deliver parcels in trolley

What is Drop Shipping?

What is drop shipping?.The biggest difference between “drop shipping” and standard online retail, is that with drop shipping, the store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it buys it from a third party who then ship it directly to the customer. This means that you, as the store, will never see or handle the product. This method has a number of positives and negatives. Positives include that it is relatively quick and easy to get started as you don’t have the added headache of managing stock and shipping. Another benefit is that you can stock a wide range of products. But, drop shipping typically has low margins and you face high competition.


How much budget should I allocate to get my web shop up and running?

Creating and running an online shop costs money, there is no point in beating around the bush with this one. Just like opening a physical store, you will have outgoing costs including buying the web domain, hosting, web health insurance, plus the cost to design and program the shop.

Once you have your new online shop, to forget marketing would be a critical error. It is simply not enough to have a website, you must invest in marketing to gain a brand awareness, to drive traffic and encourage sales. In terms of a budget, allocate at least the same as the cost for the initial set up, if not more.


Do I really need to have a social media presence for my business? 

Combining social media with web shopping is a match made in heaven and it is an effective strategy for e-commerce businesses. According to a study from Smart Insights, over half of companies using social media marketing find it increases revenue and the sales of their products.

Further to boosting profits, social media allows brands the opportunity to engage with their customers and get feedback on the products. Plus, it’s a significant driver of traffic for websites.