CRM Development

Our custom-built CRMs boost customer sales, increase conversion rates, lower sales effort, enhance sales tracking and improve customer service for some of the fastest expanding companies. But what really contributes value to your business is how we apply our skills and experience to deliver a powerful admin, marketing and sales system created to your exact requirements, no matter how complex.

Most importantly, we take the time to understand the results you want. We gain a detailed knowledge of how you work and from there how we can enable you to easily manage, track and analyse your sales pipeline. We also review ways we can provide a timely and accurate response to customer enquiries, whilst reducing staff workload at the same time. crm development

A CRM for your admin team + a CRM for your sales team

At Codesquarry develop the most powerful CRM, with a mobile and salespeople friendly CRM that together give you the best of both worlds – a powerful crm development that is packed full of features for your administration teams, and a simple and mobile friendly CRM that is easy to use and 100% made for your sales team.

Our CRMs are as limitless as your imagination, but many customers ask for the following:
  • Recording of tasks and sales activities
  • Automatic reminders when tasks fall due
  • Synchronisation with web-based calendars
  • Sales pipeline reporting
  • Email message integration and bulk emails
  • SMS capabilities (including templates and bulk SMS)
  • Integration with other systems

CRMs can also be extended to include Quoting or Job Management System so that you enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated system.

All inclusive
CRM Development

Strategic CRM is a kind of CRM in which the customers come first in place in the business. It does wonders in collecting, segregating and applying information about customers and market trends in order to help it come up with better value proposition for the customer. crm development

Based on capturing, interpreting, segregating, storing, modifying, processing and reporting customer-related data, Analytical CRM comprise of internal business-wide data such as Sales Data, Finance Data and Marketing Data.

Operational CRM is mainly about customer-centric business processes like marketing, selling and services. This comprise of automations such as, Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation and Service Automation.

Smooth communication and transactions among businesses is possible via collaborative CRM. Collaborative CRM employs new communication systems such as chat rooms, web forums, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Tools & Technologies Used in CRM Development

 We bring into effect CRM solutions to develop deeper relationships with customers by better understanding their needs,
maximize operational efficiency, gain more profit with minimal fuss and effort and stay ahead of the curve

Need Help?
Read Popular Questions

What is a CRM software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can improve
relationships with your customers-what’s more using
CRM systems you can streamline end-to-end business
operations from a unified dashboard.

How does CRM help sales?

CRM can support your sales team at every stage of the sales cycle, from leads to customer management. Below are a few use cases:

  • View and manage account activity and communications;
  • Use reports to forecast sales, measure business activity, identify trends;
  • Qualify leads and track prospective customers;
  • Centralize customer data;
  • Access, update, and share information across teams and departments.

What customizations can be done to CRM?

Depending on the type of CRM, there are several options available:

  • Custom modules (sections) and fields. You can create a new section in CRM or remove default unnecessary ones and pick the fields to feature the module.
  • Custom fields. You can create fields of any type (textbox, email, checkbox…)
  • Custom UI/UX design. You can add or reorder the sections and fields on each layout, set up the navigation, add quicklinks.

Custom workflow. You can map your processes across the CRM ecosystem, set alerts, data compliance checks, verifications, etc.

How to keep my data safe in CRM?

To keep your data safe and sound just follow these basics:

  • Let the specialist conduct security health check before CRM deployment to find vulnerabilities and prevent possible hacker attacks.
  • Define access levels within your organization: set up the basic access to all the records for everyone in the system and impose restrictions on access to specific records, functionality, and workflows depending on the roles and human resource hierarchy.
  • Keep track of user logins based on  IP, API, or browser.
  • Set up password defaults to make CRM users create a complex password and change it every 3-6 months.
  • Regularly audit the system against the security regulations.

How much does CRM cost?

Price may vary based on your business requirements,

Will you sign an NDA with me?

Yes, we will always sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) when a client wants it. We can do it at the very beginning, before we even discuss your project in any detail, or at another stage of the process. It’s completely up to you.

Do you provide post-deployment support?

Yes, we do provide 3-month technical support without charging any additional cost. In this 3-month period, if you face an issue or bug in your web or our support team will assist you.

How will I communicate my requirements? What if I need any change in my CRM system?

You can communicate your requirements with an assigned point of contact. In fact, you can discuss any change that you need in your CRM system and we will take care of it.

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