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To have a web presence for any business is a competitive edge itself but to actually succeed you need to have a state of the art platform that can display your products in an attractive manner. At Codesquarry, we make the extensive use of the tools available in the market to develop custom solutions for the client that can help them set their online shopping platform.

When it comes to design, our designs value the aesthetics of an online store that can portray the client’s reputation. Therefore, they make the website color rich and make it interactive enough for the users to give them the optimum shopping experience.

Key Features
Grow your Ecommerce the right way

Custom E-commerce

There are many businesses that use online platforms to conduct their business and these businesses may need something extra than other traditional e-commerce websites. These websites need different features and functionalities that must suit the products that the client is selling. Codesquarry provides that extra features to help the clients engage their users effectively.

Wedeliver deliver custom e-commerce solution to their clients using the latest tools such as Magento, WordPress, etc. These tools allow the developer to develop and design the website according to the client’s needs.

Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is a sensitive part of any E commerce development and it needs to be robust enough to protect the user from any threats. There are many payment gateway methods that can be integrated to ensure a secure payment module. we uses the best payment gateway module to integrate it into the platform for a robust back office accounting system.

We integrate the best payment gateway from major service providers such as Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, CC Avenoue, etc. This will give your transactions an extra layer of protection that will help you establish a link of trust with your users.

Module Customization

There are many predefined designs and functionalities in the modules that you come across in any content management system. This can only result in a common website design where there is nothing to change on the basis of development and design. At Codesquarry, our proficient developers make customization changes to the basic layout of the purchased modules.

We make changes in the predefined coding and manifest a significant design and functionalities on the demand of the client. We customize the given module and set each element in the module according to the demand of the client.

Engineered for Better Revenues

Implementing a Content Management System into the back-end enable the site owners to easily add, manage, or update content on the apps, anytime from anywhere.

Since there is a presence of the dynamic nature of users, user accounts, products catalog and the number of transactions, eCommerce applications should support high scalability.

We integrate security into the application during the onset of the development stage using robust software security consulting, PCI DSS certification and code validation.

Our E-commerce Development Platforms & Technologies

With the help of our e-commerce development powerhouse, we understand the needs of the client and select the appropriate platform for their website. We make the best out of the technology and tools that we are using. These platforms allow us to customize the website by integrate premium templates and customizing features according to the client’s needs.

Need Help?
Read Popular Questions

Does Codesquarry offer hosting services?

Yes. We offer various levels of hosting to deliver manageable, scalable and highly available environments for mission critical data networks

Do you generate clean URL strings?

Yes, when adding pages and products to your Ecommerce Website, the system will generate clean URLs, helping to make your store more visible in the search engines.

What kind of customer support do you offer?

We offer live phone, email and forum support Monday through Friday 8:30 AM- 6:00 PM IST. 

Do you offer Search Engine Optimization services?

Yes. Our experienced Internet Marketing department offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to improve your chances of being found by search engines and acquiring high rankings in multiple, well-defined searches. We accomplish this through search engine positioning and search engine optimization and we will perform the extensive research needed to design and develop a comprehensive marketing plan that best meets the needs of your unique business and goals.

Do you offer payment gateway services?

Yes, we offers payment gateway service.

Will you sign an NDA with me?

Yes, we will always sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) when a client wants it. We can do it at the very beginning, before we even discuss your  project in any detail, or at another stage of the process. It’s completely up to you.

Do you have a mass emailing/newsletter module?

Yes. The back-end tools include an email/newsletter module so you can keep in touch with your customers and reach out to new ones.

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