Hybrid App Development

Wish to gain some leverage over your competitors? Consider developing hybrid mobile apps – a unique blend of diverse features, technologies and methodologies. We at Codesquarry deliver end-to-end hybrid app development solutions by integrating the power of HTML5 with the latest mobile device frameworks such as PhoneGap, Ionic, jQuery, etc. and developing apps with native look and feel for all the major platforms (iOS, Android). Our expertise in Hybrid Mobile App Development is fuelled by our savvy and experienced development team that has immense expertise in designing and developing apps that would get your business the attention it deserves.

Our Hybrid App Development Process

We take each work as unique and custom, keeping the process very personalized for the product.
However, in most scenarios, our hybrid app development process includes.

  • Understanding and analyzing business requirements.
  • Freezing scope and development technologies.
  • Wireframing and app data flow architecture design
  • Mobile & web app visuals and user experience design
  • Project management and code engineering
  • Integrating third party APIs for mobile & web
  • Integrating best app monitoring and analytics tools
  • Automated, manual and user acceptance testing
  • Publishing application on Apple, Google and Windows stores
  • Marketing and user data analysis for improvisation
  • Product maintenance and support

What We DO

We offer hybrid app development services to build feature-rich applications using React Native, Xamarin, Ionic and PhoneGap frameworks that deliver a great experience on iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Our team knows how to pick the right cross-platform framework for your business needs. And hand-codes scalable cross-platform app to help you reach a wide range of audiences in the quickest time and with reduced development cost.

Looking to convert your hybrid app developed on the legacy framework to the latest one? We help you upgrade your mobile application on new and powerful hybrid frameworks.

Technology is evolving fast, new frameworks bring compatibility with the latest features of mobile platforms and devices. As a hybrid mobile app development company, we upgrade your existing application with new iOS and Android OS features, capability of leveraging device features and lots more.

Our team loves to work on challenging projects. Be it an application rejected from stores or have a bad user experience, we review and fix your app’s code, and make it flawless for your end-users.

Mobile app data security is a major concern for hybrid applications. We take the security of your users and business data to the next level, by designing a robust architecture and data encryption.

Whether it is regular content push, monitoring performance, analyzing user behavior or quick bug fix, we take care of keeping your hybrid app up-to-date for users.

we understand your need and pain of maintaining your hybrid application and offer services to keep it up and running for end-users.

Tools & Technologies Used in Hybrid App Development

Creating a hybrid application needs multiple design and development technologies. Explore the
best ones we work on to deliver amazing hybrid apps for iOS & Android platforms.


Need Help?
Read Popular Questions

What is hybrid mobile app development?

Hybrid mobile app development involves employing native app features and functionalities while making use of HTML5 mobile app development. Basically, a hybrid mobile app is similar to a native app that runs most, if not all, of its UI in an embedded browser component.

Do hybrid apps support all iOS and Android features?

Yes, the apps we develop support the latest and the most complex hardware features of iOS and Android devices.

Can you port an app from outdated hybrid frameworks to the latest ones?

Yes, we offer app upgrade services to port your hybrid app code wrapped in old technologies to the latest like React Native or Flutter.

How much budget-friendly hybrid app is and what is the cost?

Cross-platform apps are budget-friendly, generally, it saves 30% of the cost compared to the native approach. The cost of app depends upon application features and numbers of platforms the app is being developed.

Do you also develop the app back-end?

Yes, we develop robust and scalable app backend along with custom API for a two-way handshake between user’s devices and your mobile app database.

Which framework is best for hybrid app development?

A comparative study of many cross-platform frameworks reveals that Ionic is one of the best frameworks for hybrid mobile app development. This framework facilitates the development of immersive and engaging mobile apps that can be easily deployed across a range of platforms, including Android & iOS. It is open source in nature and created on top of AngularJS and PhoneGap.

Will you sign an NDA with me?

Yes, we will always sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) when a client wants it. We can do it at the very beginning, before we even discuss your  project in any detail, or at another stage of the process. It’s completely up to you.

Do I have ownership regarding the code of my Hybrid application?

Yes, you are the owner of the Intellectual Property rights, including the code, at all times.

What is the difference between native app and hybrid app?

To users, the difference between native apps and hybrid apps is almost indistinguishable. Both the apps are downloaded directly from the App Stores and stored on the mobile device. Besides, both the apps are launched in the same way. However, the only difference is that in hybrid apps, the developers don’t need to recode the app from scratch for each platform. They simply have to write a part of the app’s code in HTML, JavaScript, CSS3, and then reuse it across multiple mobile operating systems.

Will I be getting regular updates from you?

Yes, of course. After every Sprint Review, you will get:

  • An app demo build (so you can check if the created app fits your requirements)
  • A detailed review of what’s been done during the Sprint
  • Information about eventual challenges solved or additional work that has been done
  • Information about how many hours the team worked on the project during the Sprint

According to your preferences, you can take part in the Review meeting directly, or just get the above-mentioned information via e-mail.

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