Arogya Varna

Client veda vyasa vasthu consultants comes up with a unique concept of color therapy with a goal to correct physiological and psychological imbalances in the human body. For instance, if someone stressed, color therapy can help soothe & can regain ther psychological balance. If someone is depressed, color therapy can be used to invigorate give an increased energy. In app they wanted to list therapies so customer can access those therapies & they are also planning add feature like create customized therapies for color therapy practitioner. 

July 15, 2020
Arogya Varna
The Challenge

We gathered details the about client’s business and explored the feasibilities of the app along with their target customers. We proceeded with the right strategy compatible with the company’s business model and discussed it with the client.

  • Building a andriod app completely from the scratch.
  • Planning to develop a unique tool to create a customized therapies creation feature.
  • Deliver the app within a strict time-frame.
Solutions from Codesquarry

Based on the above challenges, our team analyzed the project in-depth and carved a solid strategy divided into various modules to improvise the client’s idea into a better solution. We, after completing necessary research works, suggested below solutions:

  • We analyzed the existing color therapy app in depth and framed a robust architecture for the mobile app.
  • We re-defined the functionalities and features to make it user-friendly for the target users.
  • We broke the projects into modules to maintain the time frame.
Final Outcome

Our app development team carried out the entire project exactly as planned while focusing on the time frame. They exhibited a good team spirit to deliver great outcomes in terms of functionality, features, and performance of the app:

  • Successfully developed an andriod app with advanced design.
  • Client provide app to its existing color therapy practitioner getting a positive response