Namma Farm

Aiming to let retailer & food service provider experience easy and quick deliver the fresh fruits & vegetables to there doorstep, the startup aims to revolutionize the retail fruits & vegetables ordering system which delivers directly from farmers. it has become a prominent market player in the vegetables & fruits domain within its operating region. Our client was on the lookout for a fast, reliable and user-friendly ordering app & delivery app for its supply chain management and Backend dashboard for simplifying there  working process.

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July 30, 2020
The Challenge

The challenge brought by the client was more than just developing the app for fruits & vegetables ordering and delivery business. In a nutshell, the difficulties of the project were as below:

  • Developing the ordering app, delivery app & website from scratch with very limited technology and features understanding shared by the client.
  • Build the fastest ordering solution with user-friendly characteristics and some innovative features.
  • Accomplish the app development in one and a half months.
  • Deliver a high-quality product within a very limited budget.
Solutions from Codesquarry

We listened to the client carefully and gathered their unplanned app idea and started analyzing the architecture of the desired ordering app for their business model and target audience. Our team was ready to take on the project and suggested below solutions based on market scenario:

  • We documented and suggested the best features that can be integrated within the app for clients’ business needs.
  • Our team designed architecture and user experience to make the menu section and add order to cart quickly and conveniently.
  • Our experts used php & mysql database as their app’s backend for offering modern features to make it flexible and cost-effective.
  • We followed the module based agile methodology to deliver the app within a defined time frame.
Final Outcome

Our team exhibited good teamwork and maturity throughout the development process to take this app to the next level. The outcome concisely was a fully functional app loaded with friendliest experience and performance.

  • We delivered a ordering and delivery app above the expectation level of the client.
  • The product received great customer engagement and online orders .