Tayana Global

Client comes up with an idea to build a B2B portal which helps to provide a connectivity for purchaser and provider to exchange trade across the globe. From past 15 years they are doing business in B2B sector and now they are decided to take business online by building a web presence and categorize the products with the complete product details. There focusing areas are healthcare, agro, food, dental supplies & hospital supplies and more

May 5, 2020
The Challenge

Overviewing clients’ business modules without keeping anything aside, we consulted them with a full-proof plan and major steps to deal with the project. The client finally awarded the project to our team, nonetheless with the following challenges.

  • To build a unique B2B web portal from scratch.
  • Facilitate users to get complete product details by building a user friendly ui.
Solutions from Codesquarry

The client was good but never ready to settle for anything than the best possible. After in-depth analysis and web requirement brought up by the client, our team framed a complete picture of e commerce like website

Final Outcome

Codesquarry never settles with less! It propelled our team to discover certain tried and tested strategies and new techniques to deal with the project and end up with the finest results. The outcome, which client was looking for:

  • The web app not only catered to the expectation level of the client, it helped numbers of users seeking to get fast and affordable conveyance.
  • The web generated great sales, witnessing its demand among users with word-of-mouth.
  • There business sees spike recently, client opened new branch office in malaysia.