We Develop React Native App Development to Boost your Business Growth

Codesquarry builds native-like high performing, super fast and scalable mobile apps, using React Native framework. We create beautiful mobile apps that deliver great experience on iOS & Android devices.

React Native environment:

Using our understanding and implementation of React Native framework helps us to build beautiful UIs, launch faster and cut down costs. Strengthened by both Facebook and JavaScript, React Native makes building fast and easily-to-operate UXs. We give you an application that is sturdy and secure, built at a fraction of traditional costs, in double quick time and developmental efforts.

How We Make React Native Apps Differently


A slow app fails to cater to users. We leverage React Native architecture, perfectly using GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), CPU, and memory to make your app quick and performance-packed.


Our React Native app developers convert code to native views and blend animations, to build beautiful user experience that brings maximum user engagement and high ROI

Elegant UI/UX

Our design team carves exceptional user interface, graphics, and experience. As a React Native development agency, we build highly responsive cross-platform apps that load perfectly on all user devices


We leverage web technologies and wraps the code efficiently to utilize a single code base for carving apps for different devices. With approx 95% code utilization, our approach helps reduce the app development cost substantially.

App Scalability

We make sure your React Native apps work forever. With our structured and custom coding approach, we build apps that are future-ready for new feature enhancement & future upgrades.

Boons of React Native App Development

React Native is a JavaScript library that uses the same fundamental UI blocks as native apps. So, it allows developers to reuse the code for web and mobile platforms.

React Native allows building app faster than other languages. With its Hot Reloading feature, it retains the current application state while running any new code.

We know that React Native allows code reusability but, this is one feature. It has a bunch of features that make it worth trying while saving both cost and time.

Our React Native Application Development Process

Agile Approach

Being Agile in nature, we implement Agile Methodology in every development process to achieve continuous delivery and scalability.

Strategy Planning

With the initial concept in hand, we strategize our React Native app development process and proceed in a planned way that makes our process swifter.

UI/UX Designing

With the unique approach of our experienced designers and with the expertise of our developers, we deliver mishap proof Reach Native apps

React Native Developers

We have a React Native developers who have extensive experience in the field and are aware of every know-how related to the technology

Development with Security

Seeing the competition in React Native app development industry, we keep the developed code safe and take the utmost care that the code is not outsourced to others.

Development Kick-off

We carefully proceed with the React native development process where we take care of each element that needs to be implemented within the app.

QA Testing

When it comes to quality assurance, our robust QA team leaves no stone unturned while performing automated and manual tests.

Deploying Apps

We do not limit our development process to merely developing apps, rather we also help our clients deploy the apps to the store with full technical details

Maintenance & Support

With every major update that the OS receives, we provide complete maintenance and support for the developed app and comply with the agreement that we make with our clients

Why Choose Us

We develop cross-platform hybrid mobile apps with React Native, having high functionality and delicate UI for great user engagement. We help you cater to native alike experience with most advanced hardware and OS features.

Our team loves improvising with code. We excel in JavaScript libraries and React Native framework to build apps that deliver apps for real-world scenarios.

In today’s digital era, technologies are evolving at a great pace. So your app needs to be upgraded periodically to compete and grow your business and stay on top of your competition.

Our engineers upgrade your existing app with the latest device and software advancements and help it keep up to date and running.

Data security is a key concern these days. Governments all over the globe are thinking more and more about their citizens data privacy & security and hence to comply with the same, every business should be 100% ready.

We make sure your app data is safe and secure from vulnerabilities. Our team emphasizes on app architecture robustness, adds data encryption and more, to protect your app and users’ data.

Whether it is general content update, checking users’ behavior, monitoring performance or quick bug fixes, we can keep your React Native app running smoothly.

Our team tracks usability, performance analysis, source code repository, crash monitoring, feedback analysis, etc., to ensure you have an updated app for end-users.

Tools & Technologies Used in React Native App Development

Creating an React Native app needs multiple design and development technologies.
Explore the best ones we work on to deliver amazing apps for Andriod & IOS Platforms.


Need Help?
Read Popular Questions

Can we schedule a call to discuss my app idea and understand your technical capabilities?

Yes, we are available for a call or email to discuss your app idea, whatever seems convenient to you.

What are some key benefits of developing apps using React Native?

With React Native, 95% of the code base is shared between the two most popular mobile platforms IOS & Andriod, saving development time and cost.

What are the things you keep in mind when building React Native apps?

Design for different platforms, data security, and performance, etc., are crucial factors that we often keep in our mind while developing React Native apps.

Can I get Existing App Migrated to React Native?

Yes, our skilled team of developers can help you migrate an existing app to React Native. However, the process is pretty long and takes more time than developing a new app from scratch.

Will you sign an NDA with me?

Yes! Of course, we sign a legal contract with our clients when they hire us.

Will a React native App perform like a Native Application?

Getting a React Native app to look and operate like a Native app requires in-depth knowledge and a certain level of experience. So, only a professional React Native app development company will be able to seamlessly pull it off.

Do you also develop app back-end?

Yes, we develop robust and scalable app back-end along with custom API for a two-way handshake between user’s devices and your mobile app database.

Which language is used to develop react native apps?

React Native is based on React.js that is written in JavaScript. This is another reason for the popularity of the framework as JavaScript is an extensively used language.

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